Leverage Service Animals!

Our country has lost its collective mind, and it’s no more apparent than allowing pets on airplanes. Before you hit unsubscribe, let me assure you that I appreciate animals like a fine cigar. I enjoy both on the ground and not in a confined sky tube. Comedian Adam Carolla has famously said he will eventually bring Gilligan, his pet pelican, on an airplane just to prove the foolishness of this relatively new privilege.

On my return trip from Arizona, the airline seated me next to a burly man with a tiny dog. I didn’t notice the “service animal” in a small carry-on until my throat and eyes began to react to the scent. You see, I’ve always been allergic to pet dander.

I notified the flight attendant that I’m allergic to pet dander and that I would be self upgrading to business class. Before she had a chance to speak, I turned around and headed for my new seat.

Let me encourage you to do more things like this in your own life. If companies and governments are going to adopt these inane policies, then leverage them to your advantage. They started this war, and it’s up to us to win it!

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