What do the Patriots and the Dollar have in Common?

Both are a fraud.

In stunning fashion, the Patriots (or the Cheatriots as John calls them) beat the Falcons on Sunday in what will most likely be considered the greatest Super Bowl of all time. The Patriots were losing 28-3 with 8:30 left to go in the third quarter, which would normally be an insurmountable lead.

I wasn’t rooting for either team, but I thought it would be nice if the NFL’s perennial cheaters from New England would be served a humiliating loss on America’s biggest athletic stage.

“The devil’s own children have the devil’s own luck.” This was one of Grandma Kennedy’s favorite sayings, and it ran through my mind as I watched the Cheatriots mount the greatest comeback win in Super Bowl history.

Like the dollar, the Cheatriots, are the “Teflon Don” of the NFL. Spygate, Deflategate, and a murderer (Aaron Hernandez) have not stopped Cheatriots quarterback Tom Brady from becoming the winningest in Super Bowl history.

But there will come a day. Like Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Tiger Woods, Tonya Harding and countless other athletes have learned, reality always catches up with you. One day both the dollar and the Cheatriots will be unmasked, and the fraud will leave a whole bunch of people angry, frustrated and disappointed.