Mrs. Kennedy Passed Away

On Monday, January 16, 2016, my grandmother, Mary Kennedy, passed away at the age of 92. Being a survivor of the Great Depression, a mother of eight children and possessing a strong work ethic, my grandmother was always frugal.

She didn’t have a college education, she never had a career after her children were born, and my grandfather predeceased her by over 30 years! Additionally, she spent her last several months encumbered by numerous medical bills and an expensive nursing home. Despite these adversities, she still died with a net worth of six figures.

How is that possible? My grandmother understood the value of money, and she hardly ever spent it. She mended clothes, drove cars forever and always lived within her means. From an early age she always told her grandchildren to “save for a rainy day.” She will truly be missed.

Today I interviewed Andy Hoffman to learn why Americans should be preparing for the difficult times not seen since my grandmother survived the Depression.

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Tomorrow’s guest will be Dr. Keith Smith, so reply with your questions now!

My Lone Car Payment!

You read that correctly. Not my car loan payment. My lone car payment. Today I took our 2004 Toyota Corolla to get it’s annual maintenance. When a car has almost 200,000 miles, you can expect to lay out about $800-1,000 once each year for a new problem or routine maintenance.

This good news is that our Corolla has been paid off since 2009, and has been giving our family nearly free mileage ever since. Each year, I fork over the “lone car payment” from our emergency fund to the local Toyota dealer, and our car is as good as new.

Today I interviewed Craig Hemke to discuss other ways how poor and middle class Americans can get ahead in our bubble economy. Please leave a like and a comment if you like what your hear.

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Rob Kirby is on Fire!


Phil interviews Rob Kirby to discuss precious metals suppression, the evils of central banking, the perversions of John Maynard Keyenes and way more!

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Ep. 62 – THE DOC FROM SD BULLION: “Deutsche Bank will be nationalized or bailed out.”

In episode 62, Phil interviews The Doc from SD Bullion to talk about the recent moves and bright future for silver.  Phil and John cover the hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders and the financial literacy of most Americans.